Wake Up Black America & Join Us In This Fight For Your Life!

This is your personal pledge that you will turn your full attention and total focus to this crisis that affects all black people everywhere, but especially here in the (belly of the beast) United States of America.

You pledge to immediatly stop any and all aggression towards people of color, including Latinos. You pledge from this day on to forgive (maybe not forget), your black brothers and sisters that may have done you wrong.

You pledge to give all of your black brothers, and sisters nothing but love, support, and the upmost respect!

You pledge to join your black brothers and sisters in this epic fight for our very life! You reconize that we have a common enemy, a common foe, (rasicm that is embedded in the very fabrick of America. Understand right now that you can not seperate Rasicm from America, no more than you can seperate all the salt from the seas, and oceans on our planet.) it's not your black brothers or sisters.

You pledge to reach out to every black person you come in contact with starting with your family, and alert them that we are in crisis. They need to be aware of what’s going on and join you in this pledge.

Finally, you pledge to do your very best to always be that bigger person whenever dealing with your black brother, or black sister that maybe disrespectful and or ignorant. (Very Important)

In such situations, the best thing for you to do is to immediately and without delay, separate yourself from that person, and situation it self!