Black Facebook ( created in hopes of bringing the black nation worldwide together. We need solidarity and love amongst our Black Kings, and Queens, our Princes, and Princesses.

Black Facebook (, feels, and functions like facebook, it can enteract with facebook, or function independantly. The big thing is you will be showing love to your own. Because this site was created by black people, for black people!

In slavery days the slaves showed unbreakable loyalty to their white master, they loved their white masters more than they loved their kids, wife, or even themselves! The reason slaves acted in this way was because they were programed, and condition to love their white masters no matter what. Just like a dog is one of the most loyal, and protected animals that loves man. The problem with my people, my race, is that we were never un-programed, or recondition to our original state of being.

Some of us have found ourselves, but most of us have not, and is still lost and dont know one self.

Begin your long journey back home by registering on Black Facebook ( today, or you can continue to love, and support your white master (facebook) until you are no more. We challege you to love yourself, and love your own. In either case, much respect because you are still one of our own!

To the other people, and races.
The black race is not a hateful people, we were never created in such a manner. We were created in the likeness of God himself, with a strong sense of Freedom, Justice, and Equality. We are a peaceful, loving, righteous people but never hateful. We have endured great transgressions against us for over four hundred years by our oppressors that continue to oppress us to this very day , and yet we do not hate. But we will never, ever forget. It is in this spirit that we welcome all people of all races to Black Facebook (, but we extend a very special, and loving welcome to our Black Family!